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46 Cassandra Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

(902) 489-8470

Laleh Images Portrait Design is a full-service photography studio located in Cole Harbour specializing in bumps, babies, kids and families.

We have a passion for creating heirloom art, and providing your family with not only memorable photos, but also wall art, albums and other products that will stand the test of time and be around for generations to come, long after Facebook and the internet as we know it are only a memory.

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Laleh Images Portrait Design | Maternity, Newborn, Family Photography | Halifax Nova Scotia

Laleh Images Portrait Design is a custom boutique portrait studio located in Halifax, Nova Scotia specializing in maternity, newborn and family photography. We preserve your memories through unique, custom high-quality heirloom products such as wall art and albums to display in your home and pass down to future generations.


at laleh images portrait design IT'S ABOUT CAPTURING A MOMENT IN TIME. 

A moment that can never be repeated in exactly the same way again. A moment to be treasured.

To me there is nothing quite as thrilling as capturing human emotion in a photographic form.

It's the emotion in a mothers face as she gently kisses her newborn baby.

Or a first time father with tears in his eyes, feeling like his heart will burst, as he realizes his life will forever be changed for the better.

It's a growing baby exploring the world and discovering life—their first smile, first laugh, first steps.

It's a rambunctious toddler who rarely sits still—innocent, happy, smiling, maybe even the occasional tear (just maybe!)

It's siblings playing together on the floor, or a family walk in the park.


I would truly love to be the one who gets to capture these moments for your growing family.

Contact Us today to plan your session.

Because Your Moments Deserve To Be Preserved.

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My whole experience with Laleh Images Portrait Design has been an absolute pleasure, from start to finish!
— Danielle K.
 © Laleh Design & Photography

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