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46 Cassandra Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

(902) 489-8470

Laleh Images Portrait Design is a full-service photography studio located in Cole Harbour specializing in bumps, babies, kids and families.

We have a passion for creating heirloom art, and providing your family with not only memorable photos, but also wall art, albums and other products that will stand the test of time and be around for generations to come, long after Facebook and the internet as we know it are only a memory.

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Melissa Morse

"StandInBaby™ (otherwise known as SIB™) is the world’s first fully articulated, lifelike and camera ready posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers. It introduces a new level of safety and education practices never seen before in the newborn photography industry. StandInBaby™ significantly accelerates learning, opens creativity and adds strength to natural abilities, all while keeping infant safety at the forefront."

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"Honey, I found a picture of your grandmother"

Melissa Morse

**Photos are your legacy.** When you are gone, and future generations learn about you, how do you want to be visually remembered? Be honest, how many of those cell phone snapshots are hanging on your walls, printed and framed to display on the mantle, or included in a photo album? I'm willing to bet it's very few, if any.

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Baby Rowan

Melissa Morse

Rowan made a 2 hour trip to my studio, which was her first big adventure, and we had a lovely afternoon together. She was a very hungry girl, and took a little while to settle in, but we eventually got down to business and she rested peacefully while I photographed this little bundle of joy. She told us loud and clear when she was done for the day.

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