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Laleh Images Portrait Design is a full-service photography studio located in Cole Harbour specializing in bumps, babies, kids and families.

We have a passion for creating heirloom art, and providing your family with not only memorable photos, but also wall art, albums and other products that will stand the test of time and be around for generations to come, long after Facebook and the internet as we know it are only a memory.


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Melissa Morse

Well, it's been a full year, and the very first Kickstarter project I ever backed is finally in my arms!

StandInBaby™ was a perfect prop for testing out my holiday sets when she arrived in December!

From the StandInBaby™ website:

"StandInBaby™ (otherwise known as SIB™) is the world’s first fully articulated, lifelike and camera ready posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers. It introduces a new level of safety and education practices never seen before in the newborn photography industry. StandInBaby™ significantly accelerates learning, opens creativity and adds strength to natural abilities, all while keeping infant safety at the forefront."

I heard about this campaign on Facebook well over a year ago, and I was immediately intrigued. SIB™ is a very high end product, and I debated for days whether it was a worthwhile investment. In the end the benefits far outweighed the hefty cost. The creators Sandra & Brendon Moffatt, newborn photographers for 8 years, out of Brisbane, Australia, have given almost 3 years of their lives to see this product from vision to completion. No detail has been overlooked. The creators even sent a prototype to a Canadian newborn photographer, who is also a kinesiology expert, for feedback on the realism of the movement of the joints and limbs, after which adjustments were made to the design. The manufacturing process took months longer than forecasted due to their extreme attention to detail, and a number of revisions they deemed necessary to create the very best quality product, and live up to the premium price tag.

SIB™ weighs a whopping 8 lbs, with a head and joints weighted to feel remarkably similar to a real newborn baby. The steel joints are articulated to move exactly like a real newborn, with no stiffness. This means posing SIB™ is extremely similar to a real newborn, with a limp neck and limbs, which is important for practising and perfecting poses safely and realistically.

Some of the many benefits of StandInBaby™:

  • Carefully plan and prepare so every session runs smoothly.

  • Beta test props and their posing possibilities.

  • Learn new infant wrapping techniques.

  • Illustrate complex newborn poses to my clients and their children.

  • Introduce SIB™ to nervous or anxious older children before attempting poses with the newest edition to their family.

  • Concept manage my creative ideas prior to the session.

  • Take my SIB™ shopping to ensure my newly acquired prop is appropriate to the concept, and check if props are the correct size.

  • Design new composite posing solutions in Photoshop.

  • Master or experiment with new lighting techniques.

  • Ensure elderly clients are capable of particular poses prior to shooting (especially in cases of Arthritis and joint problems).

  • Sew and knit adorable new props and outfits for the studio with confidence that the sizing is correct.

It was super exciting when my StandInBaby™ arrived Mid December. I have been working to incorporate this tool into my newborn sessions now that the holiday break is over, and making use of all the extra practicing ability. Just imagine how funny it's going to be to see me walking around in Homesense with StandInBaby™ in tow, testing out possible new props!

The only thing left to do is figure out what to name it. Do you think it's a boy or a girl? Leave your name/gender suggestions in the comments!

P.S. To my fellow newborn photographers - let me know if you are interested in rental opportunties. After I've had time to play and use little SIB for a bit, I might be willing to share 😀